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Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary By Adding an Extra Day!

June 15th-20th, 2024
Near Portland, Oregon

BONUS Camper Early-Arrival Day on Friday, June 14th!
Register Before Room Upgrades Sell Out!

Sex Geek Summer Camp Is
6-Days Where YOU Can Start To...

Become the Educator Someone Wants to Hire...

Learn business and marketing approaches to effectively reach more potential customers, build an engaged following, and create a reason why other organizations and companies would want to hire or partner with you!

Learn the Business Behind the Business of Sex Ed...

Learn how to make more money, navigate social media, and build a business and career that will make you happy because it's aligned with your values and abilities!

Recharge in Nature While Making New Friends!

Cultivate friendships and professional relationships that will catapult your career while also feeding your soul! And do it while surrounded by trees you can hug, running water you can dip in, and trails you can hike!

Celebrating 10 YEARS of Camp!

Welcome to Sex Geek Summer Camp 2024’s FAQ/Info Page!*

I'm so excited at the thought of having you join us at our 8th In-Person Sex Geek Summer Camp, the 4th time it's happening on the West Coast!

Enjoy the video above as well as the FAQ and registration buttons below. If you feel called to take action today, secure your place at Camp by registering NOW so you can get first dibs on accommodation upgrades before they sell out. (Accommodation upgrade options are made available to you on the Thank You Page after registration is completed.)  

You’re In The Right Place If You Want To Get a Healthy, Relaxing, 6-Day Dose of: 

  • Current, best practices and insights into growing your sex-positive business
  • Making a bigger difference in people’s lives with more structure and less hourly effort
  • Networking and having brain-sex with amazing, passionate, geeky sex-educators
  • Having a BLAST in nature and recharging your batteries (maybe even upgrade those fuel cells in your business ta boot)!
  • Making more money in authentic, self-expressed, non-salesy ways
  • And feeling more relaxed, masterful, and fulfilled doing all of thee above!

The Sex Geek Summer Camp guest faculty and support team can’t wait to show you ways YOU can get your message out into the world and create heart-centered and business savvy approaches to empower people’s lives while building systems and approaches that help you get paid generously doing it!

If you know you can’t make Camp this year, consider the online version of Camp…
Click HERE to View Virtual Camp's Page

Why Should I Consider Coming To In-Person
Sex Geek Summer Camp?

The Good News: Sex and relationship educators are in demand! The world needs now, more than ever, accessible and accurate sexual health and relationship education. And the industry of sex education desperately needs more diversity and authentic voices reaching out to the multitudes of humanity leading sex lives of quiet desperation.

The Bad News: Too many talented sex and relationship educators are struggling to make ends meet (let alone make a profit). Many of us feel overwhelmed and full of doubt when it comes to what best business practices to follow and which technology to use. Having tried things that didn't pan out and juggling all the stresses of social media and paying rent, most of us are on the fast track to burning out. 

The Questions: Maybe you're just starting out on your career or maybe you're a seasoned veteran… Ask yourself: How many sex educators do you know who're getting lots of recognition on social media, who get their talks accepted at prestigious conferences, who give life-changing advice... But who are slowly backsliding in credit card debt and struggling to afford health insurance or a vacation? How many awesome sex educators do you know via social media that you haven't actually met in person? When was the last time you skipped a workshop to go for a walk in the woods or a dip in a creek?

The Exciting News: You don’t have to fall victim to any of the things we just talked about. And, if you’re feeling burntout and hopeless (like I once did), Camp might be the best thing you can do with your summer and your business this year!

Whether you identify as a sex educator, relationship coach, therapist, counselor, sex blogger or author, intimacy expert, communication nerd, social worker, sex-positive podcaster, sex worker, Kink or Tantra teacher...  

Camp Is Waiting To Give You Some Overdue R&R AND Introduce Skills To Help You Change Lives! Will You Join Us?

Frequently Asked Camp Questions

On account of the Coronavirus, will Camp happen in 2024? YES!!!!! 2022 and 2023's Sex Geek Summer Camps kicked ass. 2022 was our first in-person Camp since the pandemic. 2023's Camp was our 2nd, and we can't wait for 2024's Camp to get here! 

Why Should I Register For Camp NOW? If you are certain that Camp is for you and will benefit your career and nourish your soul, register now so you can lock down your accommodation upgrades in advance (Many accommodation options consistently sell out, so lock them down ASAP if you can!).

What is Camp's COVID Policy? To create an event that ensures the best chance of Campers not experiencing severe illness, hospitalization, or death due to contracting Covid, Camp has put into place the following…

Read Camp's Full COVID Policy + Safety Plan HERE.

The quick points of the policy: 

Recommended — We recommend that attendees get the latest vaccination (which isn't considered a booster, BTW) and that folks properly wear N95 or KN95 masks whenever they feel their safety and peace of mind would benefit from it and/or whenever anyone they are in close proximity with requests that they wear a mask. 

Required — Upon arrival, before admittance, Campers will need:

  • Proof of vaccination before they can be admitted into Camp.
  • Proof of a negative rapid antigen test result taken upon arrival - Tests will be made available at the gate for Campers driving in and at the Camp Bus pick-up at PDX before boarding the bus.
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms in the 10 days before Camp agrees to stay home. 

Anyone testing positive upon arriving at Camp understands they will not be admitted. A 2nd and 3rd test will be administered for people testing positive the first time. People testing positive twice will not be admitted. Anyone staying home on account of symptoms and anyone testing positive twice will have their Camp tuition and payments converted into Reid Bucks, which can be applied towards future, Reid-approved events and programs.

Additional Recommendations and Best Practices for Covid Awareness and Safety available after registration, as well as in Camp's full COVID policy.  

When Is Sex Geek Summer Camp? June 15-20th. (Consider booking travel to arrive Friday, our bonus early-arrival night to get settled in)!

Where Is Camp? Camp is taking place at Cedar Ridge Retreat and Conference Center, located 50-mins northwest of Portland, Oregon, and approximately 80-mins from PDX International Airport. Fly into PDX and take our chartered Camp Bus to make it super easy! (Bus departure time and ticket info provided after registration.)

Why were 2020 and 2021's In-Person Camps Turned Into Online, Virtual Camps? The global pandemic caused by COVID forced us (and most of the world) to cancel live, in-person events and take everything online. Virtual Camp was born. If you can't make in-person Camp this year, please consider doing Virtual Camp so you can start implementing the business skills and upping your career savvy NOW rather than waiting another year. 

Why was 2018’s Camp canceled? In early 2018, some very brave people came forward sharing harms that Camp Founder, Reid Mihalko, had caused them. Reid stepped down from teaching, canceled Camp, and initiated a restorative justice-based accountability process to address his misconduct and make amends if and where possible. The formal, year-long process along with Reid’s apology and resources were shared publicly and can be found HERE. Going forward, Reid’s projects and appearances will include pointing people towards resources and experts on restorative and transformative justice-based accountability processes.

Do I need to own my own tent to attend Camp? Not if you don't want to. Camping is a choice, not an obligation! :) 

We understand that not everyone wants to fly cross country with camping gear nor sleep in a tent. To that purpose, if you don't want to tent, several accommodation upgrade options are available for an additional charge (see below).

What if I DO want to sleep in a tent but don't own one? If you do want to sleep in a tent but do not own your own, don't fret! There are several online locations that will rent and ship you gear to our location (address provided after registration). We will not provide camping supplies.

What does my Camp Tuition Include? Your Camp tuition includes camping privileges for 6-days/5-nights (tenting supplies not included). Tuition also includes 3 meals a day for 6 days, all course materials, S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get) from our amazing sponsors, all curricular/extracurricular activities, AND a BONUS Early-Arrival Day!

What's the Bonus Early-Arrival Day? Early-Arrival Day happens the night BEFORE Camp officially starts. (Camp classes start bright and early at 9:30AM on the 1st day of Camp.) We want everyone to get a good night's sleep and be settled in so we can kick Camp off strong! So guess what? You get a FREE extra night as a bonus by arriving on Early-Arrival Day! Arrive anytime after 4pm when Camp gates open or arrive on the Camp Bus from PDX Airport (info below). That way, you can get fed, get settled in, and get a good night's rest before our adventure begins! Check posted dates above for when Camp and Early-Arrival Day are this year!

How do I get to Camp? Anyway you want. Reid recommends buying tickets for chartered Camp Bus out of PDX airport on Camp's Early-Arrival Day (times and ticket info available after registration). Cedar Ridge has plenty of FREE parking in case you plan on driving. 

What airport should I fly into? 
Portland International Airport (PDX)
 is the closest airport to fly into.

What AMTRAK or Greyhound stop should I get my ticket for if I'm not flying in? Greyhound stops within walking distance of AMTRAK's Union StationTRIMET also stops near Union Station in Portland. You're in charge of getting yourself to Camp or to PDX airport in time for the Camp Bus. 

Are meals included with my Camp tuition? Yes! Healthy, delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included with your Camp tuition, as are access to all camp lectures, course materials, sponsor S.W.A.G., curricular/extracurricular activities, and tenting privileges in the many camping areas.

Camp ends up costing less per day than most sex ed conference hotel room special rates! Plus: WE FEED YOU!

What happens if I have special dietary needs? Once you register, you’ll be sent a link to fill out the Camp's Intake Form, which includes a place to share any special food needs. Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivores and Carnivores all happily coexist at Camp. Along with Gluten free, Dairy free, and other needs. People have been very happy with the food each of the past, in-person Camps!

I have been to events that have crappy food! Can you say more about Camp's food and meals? Sex Geek Summer Camp's food kicks ass! “An army travels on its stomach,” as the saying goes, and we are an army of sex geeks out to change the world! Tasty and nutritious meals each day are included in your Camp Tuition, plus evening snacks. All meals will include vegetarian and dairy options, and non-alcoholic beverages. Breakfasts will include eggs (and often bacon). Dinners will include at least one meat option. Campers are allowed to bring their own favorite snacks as well as whatever special dietary requirements they need. Registrants will be able to submit their special dietary needs and note their concerns and requests when they fill out the Camp Intake Form, which you will receive after registration.

Who’s welcome at Camp? All levels of experience – from beginner sex educators to seasoned pros. All genders, gender expressions, and orientations. All races, bodies, identities and relationship styles. You Must Be 21 or Over by the first day of Camp to attend. Pets and children are not allowed at Camp.

I won't be 21 in time for Camp. Can you make an exception? Unfortunately, we cannot. Camp has a strict 21 and over policy. There is an online, 18 and over version of Camp called (SG)3, which is included in Virtual Camp if that helps. Check it out!

Can I come to Sex Geek Summer Camp if I'm not really a sex educator? Or not one yet? If you consider yourself someone who works under the "umbrella" of helping people get better at intimacy, relationships and self-love...

If you help folks feel less ashamed about themselves, their bodies, their desires...

If you call yourself or are working towards becoming a relationship coach, a therapist, counselor, sex blogger or author, an intimacy expert, a divorce lawyer who wants to help people have healthier transitions, a sexologist, a religious leader interested in creating a more sex-positive congregation, a doula or midwife, a sex worker, a communication nerd, social worker, sex-positive podcaster, Kink or Tantra teacher... Then Sex Geek Summer Camp might be just the retreat for YOU! Come join us! 

If you still have questions, the Camp Intake Form that you'll be sent and need to fill out after registering will help give you clarity.

I've heard that guest faculty educators come and speak at Camp. Is this true? What do they teach? Every year since Camp's inception, we've invited additional educators and sex ed luminaries to add important information and their own unique perspectives to Camp's curriculum.

Here are just a few of the guest faculty and topics Camp has had the honor of hosting (titles shortened here):

  • Aida Manduley - Understanding Calling-In & Calling-Out
  • Angel Adeyoha - How to apologize as an organization or public persona
  • Dr. Lindsey Doe (aka Sexplanations) - Making a living on YouTube + Sex Ed Road Trip tours
  • Ignacio Hutía Xeiti Rivera - Intersectionality as a Sex Educator
  • William Winters, III - Power and privilege as a sex educator
  • Sandra Daugherty (aka Sex Nerd Sandra) - Podcasting

Not shown...

  • Dr. Carol Queen - Running a non-profit, brick 'n mortar center
  • Mac S. McGregor - Trans Inclusivity as a sex educator
  • Cathy Vartuli - Copy writing + Telling your story
  • Allison Moon - Self-publishing & traditional publishing
  • Rick Wilkes - Tools and considerations for your website and social media
  • Bunny Lampert - Running a sex toy manufacturing company + partnering with companies
  • Amazon Blue - Internet/Information Security and Privacy pracitces for sex educators
  • And many more voices...

What if I need extra assistance and adjustments to meet particular needs in attending? Am I welcome at Camp? Yes, you are! We try our best to take a universal design approach accommodate everyone's needs and attempt to make Camp more accessible. To achieve that, we need your input! Please see Camp's Accessibility Policy, and contact us at your earliest convenience at [email protected] so we can continue the conversation!

We will also do our best to have an ASL Interpreter available if requested and will do our best to provide accessible seating areas for those who need it. Please be sure to mention it in your Camp Intake Form. 

I know we can’t make an entire event 100% barrier-free; however, if you see an opportunity to better my events and want to make me aware of it directly or via side-channels, I welcome it! I really do welcome questions, communications about extra assistance, observations, and requests. It is because of the generosity and courage of others who have spoken up that I continue to grow and improve myself and my events.


I heard that Campers go home with some serious S.W.A.G.! Can you confirm this? S.W.A.G. (AKA Stuff We All Get) is not the reason you should attend Sex Geek Summer Camp. Attending an event just to go home with lots of free stuff, while cool, is missing the larger picture of how you might want to leverage the power of professional partnerships in your career and business (This will be one of the modules that we'll cover at Camp, btw!).

And while I cannot make promises as to which companies will sponsor this year's Camp, I can say that it is because of our amazing sponsors that we are able to keep Camp's tuition as affordable as we can. Not only do our sponsors send us product, but their fiscal support allows us to knock hundreds of dollars off your tuition. 

Yes, we've had Campers head home, their luggage heavy with amazing sex toys, but our generous sponsors do so much more than give us S.W.A.G. They really do help make Camp happen, so even if you can't make it to Camp this year, please thank and boost the signal of our sponsors when you can!

Camp couldn't happen without them.

But, really, Reid... How much S.W.A.G. are we talking about? Oh, hush! Read the rest of the FAQ!

What’s the weather going to be like at Camp? Camp's location during June, Google informs us, tends to be in the mid-70's (76°F) during the day to mid-40's (44°F) at night. Rain and sun are possible. 2022's Camp was unusually wet and cold. 2019's Camp was unusually hot. Thanks, Global Warming. So... Basically: Weather. :) 

What will we do at Camp? We’ll be following a Learning While Playing Format: Interactive lectures, group exercises, hilarious demonstrations and audience participation, special interest break-out sessions, special guests, plenty of Q&A, meal breaks, FREE TIME to frolic, wander, and decompress and swim in the pool or dip in the creek, talent show, sing-a-longs, S’mores! And much, much MORE!

I heard Camp has a Slip 'N Slide! Is this for real?! Yes. 2019 was the first year we had the 350-ft Slip 'N Slide, and we will have it again this year! (And we are brainstorming ways to make the hill more accessible so more Campers can join in on the wet 'n wild fun!)

Why does Camp have an intake form? And why do I have to fill it out after I buy my ticket? Can't I just get a ticket and show up? Camp has an intake form process to ensure all Campers have a basic, working understanding of consent, that they are aligned with Camp's community agreements, understand that Camp is a business and marketing skills retreat, and are ready for the information we'll be focusing our 6 days together on. The link to the intake form is made available after purchasing your ticket to ensure form submissions are only coming from attendees and not spammers. The intake process is also used to gather emergency contact info, food allergies, and other needs. All registrants MUST fill out an intake form, which we will review. Applicants must fill it out before attending Camp. Partners and assistants who want to attend Camp but not come to classes must complete Camp's intake form as well.

How soon will I find out after I fill out my intake if there are any problems?
We try to review the intake forms several times a week, but travel may delay this. Please watch for an email 48-72 hours after your completed intake to alert you that you are good to go and officially accepted to Camp! If you don’t hear within 5 business days, feel free to email us at [email protected] to confirm we received it! If you’re registering for Camp last minute, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do intake forms ever get rejected? If your intake form is rejected, you will first be refunded. After we refund you, we will email you to let you know why your intake form didn't get accepted and what next steps are available to you if you wish to reapply. 

Will there be a Grad School at Camp this Year? Yep. Scroll down for more info. 

Does Camp have hidden, extra costs? Not really.

  • Registration is $847 for 6-Days/5-Nights
    (Meals + tenting privileges + course materials included).
  • Travel to and from Camp (you cover).
  • Camp Bus tickets from PDX airport and back if you need those. (Saves you the Lyft or car rental) Cost: $70 R/T.
  • Accommodations upgrade - Upgrading your accommodations will range from $200 to $305 for your entire visit (not per day). Accommodation upgrades will depend on what you need, and what’s still available when you register. Register ASAP because accommodation upgrades are assigned on a first-register-first-served basis.

What types of accommodation upgrades are available? If you don't wish to use your camping privileges, we have four types of accommodation upgrades to choose from—some options are more limited than others:

  • Lodge rooms - linens and pillow included! All rooms are shared. Occupancy varies. Rooms have top and bottom bunks. (Limited # of lodge rooms, FYI!)
  • Bunkhouse bunk-bed accommodations - Get that real summer camp feel with a bunkhouse bunk-bed. Bring your own linens, pillow and blanket.
  • Canvas platform tent accommodations - Bring your own linens, pillows, and blanket.
  • RV parking (RV not included!) - Only 4 spots availabe.

More detailed information and pricing will be made available on the Accommodation Upgrade Order Page after registering.

How soon will I know about my accommodation/room upgrades? 
Once you register, you will be sent to the Thank You/Accommodation Upgrade Order Page where you will be asked to confirm that you'll be tenting or upgrade your accommodations.

When you pay for your upgrade, you will be given an opportunity to provide limited information and certain requests (e.g. roommates, snoring room, etc.). Your information and requests along with your upgrade purchase will be forwarded to Reid and Camp's housing coordinator and we will do our best to honor needs and requests while coordinating placements. You will receive a confirmation that we received your upgrade payment, and you will receive your placement information upon arrival at Camp.

If we run into a hiccup with your request when it comes in, we will contact you via email to discuss possible solutions. Our apologies in advance if we fall short of your every request or sell-out of certain options. 

If you don't hear from us then assume it's good news! :)

Please register and secure your upgrades sooner than later. As Camp gets closer, everything moves faster. Please do not wait 'til the last minute to upgrade your accommodations. Thanks in advance!

Can my romantic partner(s) come with me to Camp? If your romantic partner(s) want to attend, they must be sex-positive (they don't have to educators). They will be required to fill out the Camp Intake Form/Sign waivers and be approved like all the other Campers, even if they aren’t attending classes. The fee is the same per person to attend, whether they go to classes or not. If you plan on sharing a bed with your loved one, please purchase upgrades for both of you, AND understand that all sleeping upgrades consist of twin-sized mattresses, many of which are bunkbeds! (Camp is designed to be very affordable, so there are no discounts.) 

Why does Camp tuition seem so low?! Shouldn’t a 6-day business retreat that feeds us cost more for what we’re getting? Yes. Frankly, an experience of business and community training this in-depth would normally cost $3000-$5000 easily. However, the reason camp tuition is such a steal is because Reid designed Camp to be affordable and accessible to even the brokest of broke sex educators.

That’s less than $150 a day for meals/camping privileges/course materials, sponsor S.W.A.G. and S’mores!

That's less per night than most sex ed conferences' hotel special room rates go for (and conferences don't feed you 3 meals a day)!

And just how much is waiting another year going to cost you in frustration and uncertainty in your career? Register NOW! 

If you feel like camp should cost more, and you have the means… Please consider paying it forward and donating to the Camper Scholarship/Bursary Fund when registering. Reid will gladly accept your money and spend it on S’mores and scholarships for lucky Campers! 

If you have questions or concerns about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact Reid at [email protected].

I'm Ready To Register!

Click the Tuition Payment Option Best for You...


1-Payment of $847 3-Payments of $287 Need a Discounted Ticket or Scholarship?
Click Here >>

Do you have a policy on Scents and Biodegradables? Why yes we do! Thanks for asking! We have a No-to-Low Scent Policy. If you can, please pack non-scented/scent-free items for camp because they help us create a more inclusive environment for campers who may have potential allergy and scent-sensitivity needs (approximately 30% of the population, fyi). Scent-free sunscreen for when you're at the pool rocks, btw. Also, if you can, biodegradable soaps/shampoos/conditioners and bug sprays (available on Amazon) are great because these products find their way into the local water supplies, and we want to leave the campsite better than we found it! Thanks in advance for being mindful of these things when and where you can.

What are Camp's arrival and departure times: Arrival time for Early-Arrival Day is anytime after 4pm the day before Camp, and departure is 12-Noon of the last day when the Camp Bus heads for the airport. All Campers must be off property by 1pm. If you are arriving on the day that Camp starts, breakfast starts at 8:30am, classes begin at 9:30am. See you there!

Will this year's Camp include Sex Geek Summer Camp Grad School? Yes! This year's Camp has been blessed with the return of Cathy "Dean" Vartuli who's agreed to run Grad School 2.0 again this year. 

What is Grad School 2.0? "Grad School" is a place for more advanced and returning Campers who meet certain prerequisites (set forth by "Dean" Vartuli) to co-work, learn, deep dive and give each other feedback with the leadership and support of a "Dean."

What does Grad School cost? There is no additional cost for attending Grad School. You would pay for your Camp ticket and have access to everything other Campers have... Including classes in the "Main" teaching area. Each day, Grad School attendees meet as a group to dig into specific topics, brainstorm, give each other feedback and the like in the dedicated Grad School area that's been set aside.

Has there been a Grad School before? Yes. Grad School (version 1.0) happened in-person during 2017, 2019, and 2022's Camps, as well as virtually at 2020's Virtual Camp. 

Each year, Grad School grows cooler and dives deeper for those Campers who are accepted. 

"Grad School Dean," Cathy Vartuli (previous organizer of SGSC and creator of generously takes on the role of leading returning Campers who applied and were accepted into Grad School in more advanced business nerdery and implementation.

Under "Dean" Vartuli's guidance,  Grad School takes applicants' feedback on what they'd like to learn + their needs and helps organize and guide those experiences into happening... The grad students who apply and are accepted will bring their A-game to class, and everyone will share and support each other.

Will Grad School Campers still get Camper S.W.A.G.? Yes!  

Will Grad Students have Oprah Winfrey as a guest lecturer?! No. We don't have a budget to bring in guest lecturers. If there are specific requests, Cathy will see what she can wrangle to meet the geek-out needs of Grad Students. "Dean" Vartuli is more than happy to share what she knows about topics she's experienced in, and will do her best to bribe Camp's guest faculty into stopping by Grad School to share their deeper, graduate-level expertise.

Will Grad Students get to spend time naked in the pool, too? Why, yes! Even though Cathy loves to geek out with sex geeks, she'll make sure Grad Students have time to attend special topics in the "Main" teaching area, and also time to work or play as you like. She'll likely limit Grad School to 2-4 hours a day, depending on what people want to create.

I'm a returning Camper who's interested in Grad School... What do I need to do? 
Email Cathy at [email protected] and let her know you're interested! She will find a time to chat for 10 minutes or so and ask questions, or you can skip directly to filling out the Grad School Application— so she can review it asap!

What's all this talk about leave the campsite better than you found it? What does it have to do with sex education? This phrase is one of Reid's personal mantras. The reason we mention it here? A lot of work went into creating such a low priced/high-value learning and frolicking experience for you, sex geek!

While there is no other sleep away camp for the business of sex education like Sex Geek Summer Camp, there are affordable camps that require “Karma Yoga” (aka Chores) of their attendees.

Sex Geek Summer Camp is NOT like other camps in that you have NO CHORES to do while at camp except learn, be kick-ass and awesome to each other, feel your feelings, take a break, and have fun. We've arranged for other people to do all the chores so you’re completely freed-up to be in service to YOURSELF.

However, what we do ask of you is that you strive to “leave the campsite better than you found it,” literally and figuratively—Clean up after yourself at meals, keep our meeting spaces and play spaces orderly, clean up after your relationships, and don’t trash your cabins, bedrooms, campsites, friendships, etc. Thanks in advance for being awesome about this!


I think I want to come! Eeeek! What should I pack for Camp?
There's all kinds of things you could bring to Camp, but very little that you actually need. Still, I know how much fun it can be planning what you'll bring, so I'll add ideas on what to pack below. I've even added a list of what to leave behind as well. A list of suggestions will also be available to registered Campers on a special, password protected, Camper-Only FAQ page that you'll receive after you register. 

Will ride-shares be available? How does that work? Great question! Each Registered Camper is invited to join Camp's private FB group where new Campers and Camp Alumni share tips and skills and cheer one another on. As Camp and it's building excitement draws closer, you'll be able to reach out and see who's driving to Camp, from where, and who's looking for a ride-share. Or you can post your own request or start the ride-share thread yourself at anytime! Camp's Facebook group is used in all sorts of wonderful ways. Please take advantage of it to support yourself in having the best Camp ever! 

Can we make music at Camp? Will there be sing-a-longs? All music making is greatly appreciated! Bring your instruments and talents. Make music in the woods and at the pool. Spark a campfire sing-a-long (See what I did there?). Share your music at our Sex Geek Talent Show! (And no amplified music outdoors after 10pm, please.)

Can I bring my RV? Yes, you can. And there are limited RV parking spots (approx 4). Upgrade that you'll be bringing your RV on the Accommodation Upgrade Order Page if there are slots available.  You will be sent to the Accommodations Upgrade page after purchasing your Camp ticket. 

What about candles, fires, and smoking? We ask you not to use candles and any other open flames in your tent, cabin, or lodge rooms. The campground has designated smoking areas. 

What about needs you haven't covered in the FAQ yet? If you have medical or other needs that you haven’t told us about yet; please let us know when submitting your Camp Intake Form, which you will receive a link for after purchasing your Camp ticket!

What if I need a refund on my Camp ticket? Your Sex Geek Summer Camp tuition comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee from time of purchase (unless you're registering within 30-days of camp happening). The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee also applies to monthly Payment Plan payments, but only to the most recent payment as previous payments would fall outside of the 30-day window. Inside the 30-days before Camp window, no refunds are provided as everything for the event has already been booked and payments, deposits, food orders, etc., have been made. However, anytime up until Camp begins, we do allow a one-time transfer of your event ticket with NO FEE (which includes event upgrades such as accommodations or event bus tickets). A single transfer to another person is allowed at any point up until the time Camp starts, though the Camp Intake Form must be approved for each new person. Additional transfers after the first transfer will incur a $25 fee. Once transferred, there are no refunds since we cannot refund money to someone who did not make the original purchase. Read more on Camp's Cancellation/Refund policy.

Are service animals allowed at Camp? This year's venue is able to accommodate service animals. Animals that fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) definition of a service animal are allowed at this year's venue. We endeavor to make Camp as inclusive and accessible as possible. Please let us know in advance so we can properly plan. Depending on the policies of the venue and the needs of attendees, when and if I can, there may be service animals at my events. If there are allergies that can’t be dealt with by taking allergy medicine, or other issues or concerns, please contact me at [email protected]. Here is Camp's Accessibility Policy.

Are Camp's policies listed anywhere? Yes, they are!

Accessibility Policy
Photo Policy
Cancelation Policy
Camper-Staff Interaction Policy
No Harassment Policy
Nudity Policy
Covid Policy

What if I find out I can’t attend? Tickets are transferable up to the day of the event. There are no refunds after the 30-day guarantee window, or within 30 days of the event. In cases of documented medical emergencies, contact [email protected].

Will I be sitting down the whole time? Yes and no. While there will be plenty of educational lecturing and writing/note-taking time, which you’ll probably want to sit for, we will also be up and interactive. Some people think and brainstorm better when they’re moving and interacting with more than just their keyboard. And there will be plenty of free time, too.

Will there be clothing-optional areas? Yes, but you will also be required to wear clothes as well. :)

We are all about body-positivity, AND Camp is not a nudist event. Some areas of the campground will be clothing-optional. The pool will be clothing optional. The teaching area and dining hall will have tops-on-bottoms-on clothing policies. We’ll provide a map at registration with the boundaries of the clothing-optional spaces. 

Are Campers allowed to have sex at Camp? If it's safe, sane, and consensual, yes. Campers must be at least 21 to attend Camp. As adults, they are allowed to engage in adult activities. There will be a designated play space available for Campers to play so everyone has a place to go when your roommates are trying to go to sleep or need quiet time in shared quarters. The only exception is Reid. As Camp founder, Reid only sleeps with his primary partner, Allison Moon, at Camp. Reid does not sleep with Campers, Sponsors, or Faculty during Camp. This policy has been in effect since Camp's inception in 2014. See Camp's harassment and camper-staff policies above if you have questions. 

Are you promising I can make a living by becoming a sex educator? Are you promising I'll make more money next year because I came to your camp? No. Just like anything, you’ll have to do the work to succeed. I can’t promise any particular financial return. I can promise that Camp will give you powerful ways to approach your career and structure your business and help you learn techniques that if you use them will boost your ability to educate and engage your audience far more effectively and in alignment with who you are. And I can promise you there will be S'mores!

Can I write-off Camp as a business expense? Always check with a tax professional about tax deductions. They can vary from state to state and from country to country. In many places, business education and networking is tax deductible. FYI, Reid is not a tax or business attorney, nor does he play one on TV (Though he did play a cowboy in a Salt ‘N Pepa video once. And that’s a fact.).

What if I'm an established sex educator and have been for a while now? Great! And thank YOU for offering your gifts to the world! We'd love to have you with us at Camp. Are you ready to look at your business again and see what you want to improve? Is there anything new you'd like to launch? Could you use new friends and more peer support? How about several days to just unplug and skinny-dip in the creek? 

Camp sounds too good to be true? What's the catch? No catch. Watch the video up top and listen to what others got out of Camp. I hope you'll join us!

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Choose a single payment or spread Camp's tuition out. The choice is yours. And, to sweeten the deal while lowering your risk, how about we give you a no-risk, money-back guarantee?
Why stop at one?
Let Reid give you two guarantees!

Reid's Double-Tap Guarantee

Why? Because I Care Twice As Much.  

Guarantee #1: My Standard, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - So long as it’s within 30 days of you registering for Camp, take action right now and Register with absolutely no-risk! How’s that possible? Because you’ve automatically got an entire month to ask for your money back, and get it refundedno questions asked. If you’re registering for Camp “last minute,” meaning inside of 30-days ’til the event, then I still got’cha covered!*

*See my “Reid Wont’ Waste My Time” Guarantee below…

Guarantee #2: My Special, “Reid Won’t Waste My Time” Satisfaction Guarantee - I know your time and focus are extremely valuable! I promise not to waste your time and am prepared to back it up! How? If you attend and participate in all 6 days of Sex Geek Summer Camp's lectures and activities and you feel that you’ve learned absolutely nothing and that I’ve completely wasted your time, let me or my staff know with integrity, “Reid, you wasted my time and I didn’t learn anything. I’d like a refund,” and we’ll refund your tuition price IN FULL!

This is how much I believe in Sex Geek Summer Camp, and how much I believe in YOU!

The skills, understandings, connections and experience you’ll gain in these 6 days will last a lifetime, positively affect your career as a sex educator, and flow into how you look and think about the business behind the business of sex education.

What is the value of such a transformation? Priceless. You bring your courage, your passion, and your drive to make a difference, and I’ll help you unleash that power! I guarantee it or your money back.

The Reid Won't Waste My Time Satisfaction Guarantee does not include your travel costs, your accommodation upgrades or Camp Bus tickets. You will be required to return all Camp course materials, your notes, and S.W.A.G.

Enjoy Packing? Ahem...
For Those Looking for Ideas On What To Bring To Camp...

Here's your unofficial Sex Geek Summer Camp Packing List! Why unofficial? Because only YOU get to make it official—officially yours!

Please feel free to add or subtract what’cha need. More details will be provided after registration... 

Packing Suggestions:

  • For when we're learning... Pack your computer, a cord to charge it, pen and paper if you're a note taker, a sweater if you get cold, and whatever drink and snacks you'd like to have on hand.
  • Clothes... It's Camp! Pack so you can have fun being your fabulous self. NOTE; You are required to wear clothes during Classroom/Teaching time. Be outrageously you, but keep your tops and bottoms on. See Camp's Nudity Policy
  • For tent campers: tent, sleeping bag, and pad/air mattress, pillow, pillow case, flashlight/headlamp, etc.
  • For bunkhouse and canvas tent upgrade users: You'll have a bed and mattress of your very own! However, but you'll still need things like lantern or flashlight, earplugs/sleeping-masks ('cause you'll have roommates!), blankets, pillows, pillowcases, and sheets (or sleeping bag). 
  • Your laptop and laptop charger – we will be using your computers for some learning activities, and we will have WiFi in certain areas.
  • A journal? "Dear diary..."
  • A camera or your smart phone for personal pictures – and your phone charger – please be sure to ask and get permission when taking pics of other campers, which includes campers who appear in the background, and be aware of nudity.
  • Flashlights and/or headlamps.
  • Safer sex supplies and your erotic toys of choice.
  • Extra blankets –or pajamas and warm socks- for cool nights.
  • Towels for showering and swimming in the creek and pool. Pool is clothing optional, fyi. 
  • Easy-to-carry water bottle.
  • Toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.
  • Biodegradable soap/shampoo/conditioner.
  • Sunscreen – unscented if you can get it ‘cause some people have allergies.
  • Biodegradable insect repellent.
  • Poison ivy remedy.
  • Shorts and clothes for warm weather.
  • Long pants for cool weather (and to help prevent poison ivy when hiking in the woods)
  • Pajamas for the Cuddle Party and for cold nights
  • Socks/ Underwear – no need to write your name in ‘em unless that sounds fun!
  • Yoga mat for naked, morning yoga – clothing optional is optional.
  • Rain gear. Umbrella.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat for sun protection.
  • Water-Shoes for stream walking.
  • Bathing suit (or you may choose to go au naturel in the clothing-optional areas).
  • Hiking footwear.
  • Summer clothes for hot days (or you may choose to go au naturel in the clothing-optional areas).
  • Warm clothes for possible cool weather.
  • Personal backjack or camping chair if you’re extremely picky – we will places to sit for the group, but just in case you LOVE your backjack or camping chair, please consider bringing it.
  • Seat Cushions. The picnic tables have long wooden benches. If you need additional padding please bring your own.
  • For my neurodivergent friends, bring your earplugs (Loops, Eargasm, etc. It can get very loud in the cafeteria), fidgets, and whatever else you use to self-regulate.
  • Special food and dietary needs/supplies.
  • Personal snacks, and fun food items to prepare for yourself if you need to supplement camp meals or just want to have fun! Bring your favorite S’mores fixings and guilty pleasures for yourself and to share!
  • Your sense of humor and willingness to co-create an incredible experience of learning and fun!

Optional Items:

  • Acoustic musical instruments for the campfire sing-a-long, and talent show night!
  • BYOB – We will not be serving booze at camp; however, you are adults and allowed to bring your own if you so desire.
  • Business cards if you have them!
  • Face paints, and fun and outrageous clothing or costumes for:
    • The Talent Show!
    • The Runway Parade before the Talent Show!
    • Impromptu Dance Parties!
    • Just because you’re feeling sassy and/or in the mood for a costume change!

What should I leave at home? Non-biodegradable soap/shampoo/conditioner, pets of any size, children, super heavy BDSM play gear (like knives/guns/needles), fireworks/explosives, etc.

See something missing in the FAQ? Have a Question?

Email [email protected] ASAP so we can get you your answers and most likely add what you see is missing  to this page! Thanks in advance for being brilliant and reaching out to us!

Can’t wait to geek out with you!


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