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"It takes, the theory goes, 10,000 hours of experience to master something. And Reid has clearly put in his ten thousand hours of orgies."
- Neil Strauss, author of The Game, and The Truth

"These powerful concepts have empowered thousands of adults in how to attend & facilitate hot, successful play party experiences!"
- Reid Mihalko, America's Favorite Sex Geek

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  • 1st Free Resource: Group sex etiquette and safer sex tips that will leave you feeling confident and prove to everyone that you know what you're talking about! 
  • Safer Sex Tips & Approaches
  • Access to Videos & Articles  filled with relationship-saving questions & tips that will help avoid drama and trainwrecks.
  • Protocols & Advice to help facilitate mind-blowing experiences that have folks coming back for more!
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    Reid's Play Party Crib Sheet that will introduce you to the format Reid has used to successfully facilitate more than 300+ play parties, attended by 1000s of adults.
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