Create Life-Changing, Kick-Ass Workshops Every Time. 

Raise Your Hand If You’ve Ever Had a Boring Teacher Who Was Teaching an Even MORE Boring Workshop…
Here’s How To NEVER Become THAT Teacher!
  • Ever found it difficult to put together a workshop or online program? Or write promotional copy for something you’re creating?
  • Do you feel anxious or insecure about what to teach and how to present your ideas powerfully?
  • Know that you need to put your ideas out into the world, but afraid that others will steal and copy them?
  • Ever had the perfect idea for a workshop, but hesitated doing it, only to see someone else beat you to it?

Or how about this….

  • Ever needed to create an entire workshop or talk on a tight deadline and found yourself stumbling over “curriculum-block” (writers-block for workshop facilitators and teachers)?
  • Ever lose a teaching gig or speaking opportunity because you couldn’t get them the workshop marketing copy quick enough? Or you were so unsure or anxious about it that you sabotaged yourself or passed on the opportunity?

You Don’t Have To Lose The College Speaking Gig or Blow That Teaching Opportunity…

You Don't Have To Hesitate or Feel Paralyzed with Fear.
Not Anymore.

The Good News: Sex and relationship educators are in demand! The world needs now, more than ever, accessible and accurate sexual health and relationship education. And the industry of sex education desperately needs more diversity and authentic voices reaching out to the multitudes of humanity leading sex lives of quiet desperation.

The Bad News: Too many talented sex and relationship educators never design even one workshop. And of those that do, too many fail to ever run those workshops, or courageously try but stop because no one showed up or their fears sabotage them.

Our Experience: We’ve all attended a workshop that was effectively promoted, looking forward to with eager anticipation… Only to discover that the teacher and/or the workshop was horrible. What a disappointment. What a missed opportunity to help people, right?

The Exciting News: You don’t have to miss any more opportunities. You don’t have to fall victim to any of the things we just talked about. And, if you’ve made your share of mistakes (like I did), you can leave all that behind you now…

Whether you identify as a sex educator, relationship coach, therapist, counselor, sex blogger or author, intimacy expert, communication nerd, social worker, sex-positive podcaster, Kink or Tantra teacher...  

There’s a Workshop Inside of You Just Waiting To Change Lives! Will You Join Me?

Designing Kick-Ass Workshops and Programs with Confidence is Easier Than You Think.

In Fact, 3 days is all you need to learn how to unlock a lifetime of future awesomesauce. 

Three days is all you need to design an amazing workshop.

And once you've got it in your head and bones, you have it for life to use over and over again.


If you’re ready to design powerfully engaging workshops and create memorable, life-changing products and programs… Content that gets you booked over and over as you establish and build your professional reputation, then read on because I have something exciting to share with you….

Imagine having an easy-to-apply approach to designing any course, product, webinar, or workshop…

Imagine having a design process that automatically leverages your expertise while unleashing your creativity and joy?

Imagine if the way you designed your workshops allowed you to “See The Bigger Picture” of your career? What if you could intentionally design those pieces to complete that picture?

The Ability To Be Powerfully Prolific Is An Amazing Advantage In One’s Career!

And sex education as a career is no different.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? That YOU could be prolific, designing and creating as many workshops and programs as your heart and creativity calls into being... 

But this ability exists. And it's learnable. I’m certain of it. How? Because I've shown others how to use the system I built, and it’s the exact same system I've used over and over. To date, I’ve created over 40 different workshops, talks, and retreats that I’ve run over 800 times collectively across the United States and Canada. And a few of these workshops have even been taught by other people in other languages and countries.

Imagine a workshop YOU created being taught thousands of miles away in a completely different language?!

This is how I built my career and positioned myself as one of America’s foremost sex educators.

And teaching the workshops I've designed is also how I pay my bills each month, without stress.

And, as a teaching nerd and workshop design geek who’s spoken at dozens of professional conferences and coached hundreds of sex educators around their businesses and careers as sex educators, here’s what I’ve noticed…

Most Sex Educators and Workshop Facilitators Struggle with Workshop Design. But You Don’t Have To…
Not Today. Not Anymore.
And All It Takes Is Three Days.

You can give yourself more freedom, more choice, and more ability to create countless workshops, lectures, keynotes, and online programs. And I can help you do it in just 3 days.

Why not tap into and harness your ability to “call forth” and generate smart, engaging, empowering curriculum that is easy to learn and impossible to forget? Don’t you want to create curriculum that impresses your peers, and expands your reach while making it near impossible to rip-off or steal your ideas?

You don’t have to be a “one-hit wonder” of the sex education world. Or, worse, a no-hit wonder.

You can use this approach to design your training and certification programs, too. Why? So you can let others spread your work while you get paid…

Maybe someday down the road, you’ll want to design a training or certification program to teach others to represent your work and transform lives while you take a vacation or spend time with your family… Or maybe you don’t really want to be “out in front” as the face of the gifts you offer. Maybe your self-expression is to be helping people help people from “behind the scenes.” It’s possible. I it is what I did with Cuddle Party, and now Cuddle Parties are offered around the world.

These 3 days will give you an systematic approach to be able to create all that.

If You're a Sex-Positive Educator and Would Like To... 

  • Create more engaging, charismatic, trustworthy products and programs that you can get paid to run at colleges, sell online, or write into a book …
  • Learn how to create unforgettable teaching frameworks that make your content easier to learn and harder for others to rip-off
  • Feel more self-confident teaching in front of small and large groups (because your workshops are a natural extension of your self-expression)
  • Have marketing your programs and products be a breeze because how you design your workshops automatically crafts your marketing!
  • Know that your attendees will feel they got more than their money’s worth and will value the message and lessons you share because of the way you share it.
  • Be able to teach your content at other people's events, confident that you'll add value, kick-ass, and leave the organizers raving about you.
  • Turbo-charge all the content you already have and learn how to plug one workshop into an entire curriculum or certification program…
  • Create a certification program that allows you to teach others how to spread your work so YOU can relax while your work happens in multiple places, AND you get paid for it!
  • And do all this while having a blast building a network of fellow educators who will cheer you on!

Will You Be One of The First 30?

Join internationally known sex and relationship geek Reid Mihalko of, creator of Sex Geek Summer Camp and over 40 other workshops and programs, for this 3-day retreat designed for sex-positive educators and facilitators to design their next great workshop, course, or program!

In this 3-day “Small Batch” retreat (limited to 30 people), YOU will be introduce to Reid’s unique and revolutionary set of concepts and practices for creating your own workshops and curriculum. Skills that will allow you to enroll whole communities of participants, impress your peers, leave your mark on your industry, and leave everyone wanting eagerly for your next series of workshops and creations!

If you are ready to earn the respect of your peers by learning how to weave advanced teaching techniques with smart educational design… Design that allows your clients to learn easily and integrate deeply… If you are ready to increase your professionalism, prowess, and potential as a sex educator… If you are ready to learn how to tactically position your programs so that you can get paid for your genius... Then I am inviting you to:

Join Me for 3 Days Focused On Transforming Your Teaching & Design Game, and Create an Entire Workshop In Just 3-Days...
Or Your Money Back!

Having well-designed and engaging content and programs is a powerful way to build a “word of mouth” reputation where people naturally want to share, post, Like, and tell others about your work. It’s the sex educators and speakers who have “word of mouth” reputations turbo-charging their careers that have colleges, conferences, and television shows reaching out to them, and booking them to teach.

And here’s the best part: YOU can build a “word of mouth” reputation, too!

It can seem easy to design programs and products… Until you actually try to do it. Then you find yourself in a tangle, unsure how to share life changing information in ways that will make the impact your clients are desperate for.

Believe me, I know!

My first workshop was a complete failure! After months of planning, I had a whopping 2 attendees. The first person, I comped their ticket. And the 2nd only paid 1/2 price!

I’d invested money out of my pocket to rent the room, gone through the hours of blood, sweat and tears to promote my event, PLUS the worry and anxiety of counting down to the final days before the workshop asking myself frantically “Should I cancel?"

All of this physical and emotional expenditure for the financial return of half-a-ticket sale! ($15, for those of you keeping score, btw.)

It was disheartening, embarassing, and incredibly frustrating. I was drowning in self-doubt and shame. I'd lost money I didn't have, and time I couldn't afford. I was questioning if I should even be a workshop leader. I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. What did I miss? I had such great information. I knew there was a world of people out there struggling for the answers and tools I already had. And knew if I could communicate these to them, it would make a powerful difference in people’s lives.

I knew I could help people, but no one was showing up. 

My first workshop lost me money and self-confidence… And I almost quit teaching.

But my 2nd workshop got me on television.

How? Why? All because I made a slight adjustment. 

An adjustment YOU can make without having to repeat all my failures.

Do you know what the adjustment was? I made the promotional copy for the event TEACH my prospective attendees WHAT the event was, WHILE simultaneously HANDLING THEIR CONCERNS.

That 2nd workshop was called Cuddle Party, and it changed everything.  

Better yet, that 2nd workshop lead to a third workshop, and then a fourth... Then to my first webinar teleclass, which would lead to my first coaching client... Who was so pleased with their results, they recommended my services to a friend... That would give me the courage to create several online courses... And so on, until I was being invited to teach at sex toy stores, lecture at colleges, keynote at conferences, and teach on other people's stages.

As my reputation (and experience) grew, so did my ability to get paid.


To date, I've taken that initial, "handling concerns" adjustment and honed it, building off of it, using it as a stepping stone for my growth as a workshop design geek. I've spent more than 10 years mastering how to design curriculum and educate people in more powerful ways, ways that make the information easier for folks to remember and actualize long term (and easier for me to teach)!

That slight adjustment grew into a treasure trove of workshop "design blocks" that form an approach to creating workshops and programs that I've been field testing and tweaking in actual workshop conditions with live audiences from all over the world (conditions and audiences that you will encounter, too). I even co-designed a certification program to teach people how to run Cuddle Party, the workshop that initially launched my career, putting me on TV and in media in 13 countries and at least seven languages.

Cuddle Party has been translated into, and is currently being taught in, more than four different languages. Imagine you getting paid to help people teach your workshops in different languages! How geekily cool, right?

My workshops and programs have been taught thousands of times and have reached over 50,000 adults… In the process of all this, I’ve had to identify the essential pieces and dynamics that continue to have the biggest impacts on attendees and I’ve distilled it all down to a unique design process that I use over and over.

And, when I step into that process, I call it stepping into my Sex Geek Design Studio.

It's the process I use to collect my thoughts and ideas and pour them into the “creative forge” that burns off what’s not useful, distills what is, reveals the Teaching Frameworks, and eventually rolls out the raw materials that I assemble into the workshop or program while adding the finishing touches. By the end, the process will even "spit out" the promotional copy and the marketing vision for how best to implement it.

It sounds impossible, right? It's not. The "studio" exists, and it's worked wonders for me. And I want to teach it to you (in-person if you're one of the first 30 people to register). 

Armed with my personal Sex Geek Design Studio filled with easy to use Design Blocks, my confidence at knowing I could create powerful workshops, and my passion for helping people reclaim their sexual plesure and agency, I went from workshop failure to having sold out events and paid requests to teach all over the country...

And I Want The Same For You.

From barely being able to give away teleclass recordings to selling high-end, video courses running the gamut from dating to sexual self-confidence, all the way to teaching sex educators how to price and market their services...

If I can teach workshops on national TV and get to share my passion with people who seek me out as a coach and mentor...

If I went from unknown education wanna be to “America’s favorite sex geek," I know YOU have what it takes to create your own version of this journey for your career.

And I'm inspired to help!

Creating engaging and powerful workshops and products is far easier than you think… If you know the keys. In fact, it’s shockingly within your grasp…

Yes, it will take work and won’t happen overnight, but YOU can create content that will transform people’s lives and leave them wowed faster than you think!

And YOU can learn to do it in a way that is authentic and true to who YOU are so you can do it easily over and over again. I can’t wait!

This exclusive, small group, 3-Day, interactive, “pen-in-hand” and “fingers-to-the-keyboard” deep immersion is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

In this 3-day “get the work done while we’re together” intensive, I’ll be teaching you my personal content design system that will help you:

  • Identify your Teaching Inention and plug it into your Teacher's Purpose
  • Discover your most powerful Teaching Style
  • Establish the Teaching Contraints & Teaching Deliverables 
  • Encourage your unique Teaching Self-Expression
  • Reveal the Teaching Wisdom you've spent a lifetime amassing
  • Shape that wisdom into Teaching Frameworks 
  • And let The Sex Geek Design Studio Approach help you organize it all in authentic ways that engage and inspire YOU so that, whenever you teach, you leave an impression that authentically touches, connects, and moves your audiences, helping them anchor your teachings and transform their lives.

And the easiest way to teach you, so YOU can go home knowing how to use the system over and over again, is for you to create an entire workshop from start to finish in our 3 days together!

As far as I know, nothing exactly like this exists in the sex educator community.

I’m not going to show you a bunch of paint-by-numbers approaches like some of the big marketers do… I don’t want the entire sex geek community churning out identical programs. Those just leave people yawning, bored, and looking at cat memes on Facebook.

What I want to do is show you a way of thinking about workshop designing and content creation that unleashes your creativity and self-expression while weaving it with all of the best teaching geekery on the planet. 

What the Sex Ed Industry (and the World) needs is a diversity of voices sharing creative, kick-ass, empowering information and tools in ways that are congruent, unique, and inspiring to the people who create them! Will you help me? 

I’m talking about tapping into your authentic self-expression as a teacher, plugging it into your passionate purpose, and combing it with your expertise (and what we already know about how people learn best!) so you can harness all of who you are and what you know when you teach.

This approach will allow you to overcome procrastination and writers-block while simultaneously building trust and connection with your audiences.


This 3-day intensive isn’t for slackers. Only register if you’re serious about empowering others, learning how to create multiple kick-ass programs, and using your content to make the world a more pleasure-positive place.

I will work you hard. And then we will play. And then work hard again! For three, full, career transforming days. I gurantee it. 

We’ll be digging down deep to reveal your authentic teacher and whom YOU are as a creator of content, AND as a human being. Why? So we can unearth the gold that naturally leaps out of you and transforms people’s hearts.

And then I’ll show you how to organize and deliver that gold in a self-expressed and congruent way over and over again so you can inspire your audiences to take action while effortlessly sharing a kind of contagious confidence and charisma that might surprise you.

You’ll learn, anchor, and integrate teaching and design skills that will catapult your events, workshops, programs and products to their next level!

I’m so excited to see what you put out into the world once you harness these skills… And once you have them, no one can take them away from you!

You deserve this, your career deserves this, and the world desperately needs your voice and genius!

My programs and workshops have reached over 50,000 people all over the world, and I’ve taught at every place from startup conferences to Ivy League universities to best-selling authors’ private homes to national TV.

Wherever you are, whether you want to stop dreading creating curriculum and content that wows your clients. I’m going to tune you in and turn you on!

Come to Sex Geek Design Studio where you’ll discover the skills and ability to unleash yourself in a way that opens hearts, inspires growth, builds a bankable reputation, and brings your clients scanning for the buy button!

What Does It Cost To NOT Do
Sex Geek Design Studio?

Let's face it, there are always reasons to wait... 

Life is busy. The car needed new brakes. There's a wedding you're a part of. You had to make an emergency dentist visit and got socked with a huge bill. Maybe you'll figure this out on your own.

And maybe you won't, because that's how it was for me. 

I spent 10 years refining this process, but that doesn't take into account all the time before that... The time I spent waiting for everything to "line up," for the "perfect time" to announce itself.

It didn't "line up" for me, and the timing was never "perfect."

Things eventually got painful enough and frustrating enough in my life that waiting was harder (and scarier) than moving forward. I started investing in taking classes, reading books, seeking out my more successful friends for advice... Breaking that initial inertia made all the difference because it gave me momentum. And the great thing about momentum is that it can snowball... Class + book + workshop + conversation x the next 10 years of my life...


That cliché about the longest journey beginning with a single step?
It's not a cliché.

There's SO MUCH wisdom (and power) in that first step.

And the 2nd step ONLY happens after... You guessed it... The first step.

As I devoured information, my geeky brain got turned on and I had deeper, more interesting conversations... I was able to get "Meta" with the program leaders and ask better questions of my successful friends, which allowed me to learn deeper lessons and see a bigger picture for myself. 

I started rapidly applying what I was learning and slowly began making money, money I re-invested into MORE learning. 

I spent over $48,000 learning from people who make millions from their programs, events and workshops. If you add in the plane tickets, hotels, food, it's well over $75,000. Then there's the 1000+plus hours testing what worked and what didn't on my own career and business.

What I'm certain of... If I knew all of this information in 2004, if I had taken my first learning step before Cuddle Party launched, my career would have been a lot more fulfilling, I would have helped a lot more people, and I would have made a massively bigger difference up 'till now. I would have been able to quit my side jobs sooner, worried less,  and devote more of my time and efforts to making the difference that matters to me.

I don't want you to wait like I did. The world needs you NOW.

You deserve to know how to do what I learned efficiently and powerfully. To know that you've crafted your message into a learnable set of actionable tools that inspire your audiences and ripple outward, spreading the heart of what you want to teach to touch more lives... To transform families, communities, and generations.

Your attendees deserve to have the most powerful workshop you can deliver. In some cases, their lives may literally depend on it. For others, just their hearts and a lifetime of increased pleasure and intimacy.

How would that feel as your legacy?

While I never guarentee income (legally, I can't!) I know that I've recoupped the tuition of this course in a single run of one of my events. And if I didn't believe I could add the kind of value and make the kind of difference that you'll be grateful for, I wouldn't be offering this course. Especially with the Double-Tap Guarantee.

"What I I wanted to hire you 1-on-1, Reid?"

Working with me one-on-one for a 3 day weekend starts at $5000. And that's if I have 3 days in a row available to be booked! 

"I'm a fast learner, Reid. Couldn't I just hire you for 3-4 hours?"

If you think you can hire me for 3-4 hours to drink from the "firehose" and get the Vulcan Mind-Meld download, my hourly rate for coaching and mentoring starts at $400 per hour. But from what I've learned about optimal learning environments, I wouldn't advise you cough up $1600 to try and guzzle the knowledge in one shot.

"What if I do it all myself, Reid?"

You definitely could, but why? 

It took me 10 years to create Design Studio. And I believe I can shorten your learning curve towards success so much faster and with so much more clarity, ease, self-confidence, and fun!

Imagine trying to put a dollar amount on the effort you put into creating even a small workshop...

You rent a space for perhaps $100. If you're lucky, you don't have to rent chairs... You write the promotional copy and the email, and use social media to tell everyone about it... You craft the curriculum and wrestle with the making the worksheets and handouts... As the dates quickly approach, you notice you have a handfull of Facebook RSVPs, but few actual ticket sales... You check the Eventbrite links to make sure they're working... You put your heart out there again, investing time phoning, texting, and Personal Messaging friends trying to sell more tickets... You worry if another Facebook post would be annoying or appear needy... By now, you've spent hours worrying, "Will this all work out?"

What's the "peace of mind" cost of a few years worth of worrying while having to work several jobs just to make ends meet? I did that. It wasn't fun. And I don't see why you should have to do that, too.

Instead, ask yourself: What would you pay to have things go smoothly and powerfully? To run a workshop and sleep well the days leading up to it? To have people (and family!) rave to their friends on Facebook that your workshops rock!

There's a reason Sex Geek Design Studio is designed the way it is, with all the extra perks and benefits woven in:

  • 3 days to let all the info and the brainstorming exercises sink in.
  • Lunch and dinner breaks with your peers (or solo, if you need alone time)
  • YOU meeting and geeking out with 20 to 30 brilliant, motivated, sex educator peers
  • (Shhhhhh... Don't tell anyone: But there's a 99% chance that we'll hangout in the hot tub in the evening, too!)

I don't want your heartfelt effort and money to be wasted. And I don't want your attendees to get less than your best. 'Cause when they get your best, and your career is running powerfully... That's when I know we're going to leave the world better than we found it.

And that's my jam.

Spend 3 days with me learning to create and design on a more intentional, conscious level and knock your attendees socks off!

And do it all for just $997.

A lifetime of workshop design confidence and empowerment, guarenteed completely (see below), just 1-click away.

Guarantee: You have my personal,
Reid Mihalko
Double-Tap Guarantee!

Why? Because I Care Twice As Much.  

Guarantee #1: My Standard, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - So long as it’s 30 days before Design Studio, take action right now with absolutely no-risk and register! How’s that? Because you’ve automatically got an entire month to ask for your money back, and get it refunded no questions asked. If you’re registering for Design Studio “last minute,” meaning inside of 30-days ’til the event, then I still got’cha covered!*

*See my “Reid Wont’ Waste My Time” Guarantee below…

Guarantee #2: My Special, “Reid Won’t Waste My Time” Satisfaction Guarantee - I know your time and focus are extreemly valuable! I promise not to waste your time and am prepared to back it up! How? If you attend and participate in all three days of Sex Geek Design Studio and you feel that you’ve learned nothing and that I’ve wasted your time, let me or my staff know with integrity, “Reid, you wasted my time and I didn’t learn anything. I’d like a refund,” and we’ll refund your ticket price IN FULL!

This is how much I believe in Sex Geek Design Studio, and how much I believe in YOU!

The skills, understandings, and experience you’ll gain in these 3 days will last a lifetime, positively effect your career as a sex educator, and flow into every encounter you have after.

What is the cost of this transformation? Priceless. You bring your courage, your passion, and your drive to make a difference, and I’ll help you unleash that power! I guarantee it.

In-Person Training Is
Limited to the First 30 Registrants...

Take That 1st Step Now...

Can't Make It To The Live Event? Get the Recordings!

Lifetime Access in 3 Payments...

Video 1 Pay

Get lifetime access to the Design Studio Videos!

Over 3 days, I’ll guide you to discovering that inner power and expression and help you bring it out where it can make a difference.

If you’re ready, join me now!


*As with many of my live events where I have to rent space, order supplies, etc., I don’t give refunds within 30 days of an event. I will roll over your ticket for medical emergencies within that time. And you can transfer your ticket to another eligible participant (21 years old or older as of first day of the event).

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Is Sex Geek Design Studio: TBA

Where Is Sex Geek Design Studio: TBA

I Want To Come To The LIVE 3-Day Event. How Do I Know If I'm One of The First 30 To Register? If you're reading this sentence right now, it means we've still got registrations left, but they may not last long. Once we max-out at 30ppl and are sold out, I'll take this page down. Register soon, because I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll run Design Studio again. Hope you'll join us!

Can I Come To Sex Geek Design Studio If I'm Not Really a Sex Educator? If you consider yourself someone who works under the "umbrella" of helping people get better at intimacy, relationships and self-love... If you help folks feel less ashamed about themselves, their bodies, their desires... If you call yourself or are working towards becoming a relationship coach, a therapist, counselor, sex blogger or author, an intimacy expert, a divorce lawyer who wants to help people have healthier transitions, a sexologist, a religious leader interested in creating a more sex-positive congregation, a doula or midwife, a sex worker, a communication nerd, social worker, sex-positive podcaster, Kink or Tantra teacher... Then Sex Geek Design Studio is for YOU! Come join us!   

What Airport Should I Fly Into? TBA

What Should I Bring? Your computer, a cord to charge it, pen and paper if you're a note taker, a sweater if you get cold, and whatever drink and snacks you'd like to have on hand.


What Should I Wear? Comfortable clothes, we’ll be doing a lot of work, and we want you to be comfortable. And bring a sweater if you get cold easily! 

Is Food and Lodging Included? No, you’re responsible for your own travel, food, and lodging. Feel free to bring snacks for during the event. You’ll be given time for meal breaks, and in this day and age, your smartphone probably has a better list of nearby restaurants for lunch and dinner than the bellhop does!

Where Should I Stay? TBA


Where Do I Eat? There's are several food options on site at The Westin. And also nearby options. 

What Will You Cover? I’ll be teaching you proven methods of creating and organizing content into a teachable format. And also ways to authentically find your core passion and share it dynamically and in self-expressed ways via your content. You won’t be a cookie cutter version of me or anyone else.

What Are The Hours of the Event? 9am-5pm (doors open at 8:45am), each day

Service Animals: I try to be as inclusive as possible. Depending on the policies of the hotel, and the needs of attendees, there may be service animals at my events. If there are allergies that can’t be dealt with by taking allergy medicine, or other issues or concerns, please contact me at [email protected].

What’s The Guarantee? There are two guarantees for this. My standard 30-day money back guarantee (valid up until 30 days before Design Studio. No refunds within 30 days of the start of the event). AND my special satisfaction guarantee: if you attend and participate in all three days and don’t feel that you’ve learned anything, let me or my staff know, and we’ll refund your ticket price.

What If I Find Out I Can’t Attend? Tickets are transferable up to the day of the event. There are no refunds after the 30-day guarantee window, or within 30 days of the event. In cases of documented medical emergencies, contact [email protected].

But, Reid, I Suffer From Writer's Block and Can’t Ever Seem To Make Progress When It Comes To Designing Workshops. Is Sex Geek Design Studio Really For Me? I believe it is! First, we’ll overcome your workshop writers-block by pairing your authentic teaching-style, your content creation-style, and your "Teacher's Purpose" in a way that accesses your creativity and unleashes the genius you already have within you. Plus, we’ll be doing all this together as a group and I’ll be holding your hand the whole weekend. And, I’ll make it goofy and fun, too!

Will Sex Geek Design Studio Help Me With My Career? What I’m going to show you will help you imagine how what your creating fits as a piece of a larger, more complete curriculum of programs and offerings. Once you get the hang of seeing how everything fits together in a way that’s congruent for you, you’ll be able to see your career from a new, more empowering perspective, one that doesn’t have to “lock you in” either. Once you can uncork your creativity, align it with your self-expression as a teacher, and envision an entire curriculum, it’s easier to see how you would manifest a career (and how YOU could get paid to teach).

Will I Be Sitting Down The Whole Weekend? Nope! While there will be plenty of writing time, which you’ll probably want to sit for, we will also be up and interactive. Some people think and brainstorm better when they’re moving and interacting with more than just their keyboard. Plus, we’ll practice teaching bits of what we create to one another! Don’t fret. We’ll do baby steps the whole weekend so even the shyest among us can gradually anchor their confidence with their congruent expression in ways that will leave you and me, and everyone, feeling empowered and amazing!

Are You Promising I Can Make a Living By Running My Workshops and Selling My Products? No. Just like anything, you’ll have to do the work to succeed. I can’t promise any particular financial return. I can promise that I’ll show you and help you integrate techniques that if you use them will boost your ability to educate and engage your audience far more effectively and naturally to who you are.

What If I’m Terrified Of Creating a Program? Its ok. I can help. A lot of people are… And some people don’t think they are, but procrastinate and never quite get their programs done.

What If I’ve Already Got Some Workshops and Products? Great! Congratulations! Are you ready to dig deep and get more powerful and easy to follow? I promise I can challenge you as far as you want to go. Are you ready to touch people so deeply they change their lives and tell their friends? I can take you there.

Isn’t That a Lot To Promise? Yes. And I’m committed to going as deep as you’re ready to. We’re going to walk towards the gun, together, and start sharing the things you’ve never thought you could. All in a supportive and compassionate environment. Its a lot of work and a lot of courage, and infinitely worth the effort.

Can’t wait to geek out with you!