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Do you teach or run LIVE events? Do you wish you had online courses that people will pay money for? Are you worried about making a living as an educator or performer?

When I'm stressed out about my career, one thing that makes it worse is NOT taking action. Me scrolling through social media feeling frozen and helpless usually means I'm going to feel MORE helpless and MORE frozen.

Understanding how to make (and actually create, upload, and sell) online courses helped me unstick myself and further my career, and I think it might help you, too... Please enter your Name and Best Email so I can send you links and information to this FREE "Meta Training"* on how to create your own online courses!

*What is a Meta Training? Meta Training means Reid will be creating an online training course in real time as he's teaching you how to create your online courses!

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If you teach or run LIVE events, knowing how to create and market online offerings might help save your ass in difficult times...
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