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What People Are Saying:

As someone that was newly budding into a new career and getting over the ever-present impostor syndrome, Sex Geek Conservatory came at the right time in my life. I was able to walk away with skills and confidence that I do not know I would have gotten if I had done it another way. The pushing and support (in a loving way) was what I needed. As someone whom people assume is an extrovert who is TOTALLY NOT! This was a great way for me to practice how to give talks, how to create pitches, and how to just talk in front of strangers without wanting to run away. Since doing Conservatory I have created my own podcast series, I have spoken at numerous colleges, I have keynoted conferences and spoken at some of the best of them. Overall Conservatory was uber helpful in getting my skill set together to be able to do all the things.

Jimaneka Eborn, Host of Trauma Queen podcast

I’ve always been super shy. Insomnia for nights before a presentation in front of 5 people, and my hand shaking so badly the laser pointer made people nauseous level of scared. I tried Xanax, positive self-talk, and therapy. Nothing helped the raw panic and anxiety I experienced when I spoke publicly. The study that said people would rather face divorce or death than public speaking could have been about me! Working with Reid helped me get in touch with being in service when I shared, and the message meaning more to me than my fear. He also guided me into connecting my body and energy to my voice so my words had more impact and power. Being part of Sex Geek Conservatory, and seeing that other people struggled too, and learning skills to improve the way we reached people made a huge difference for me. I’ve had standing ovations in front of 700 people, and at 4 Bawdy Storytelling Shows. I know my words are able to reach people more deeply and hopefully inspire them at a more profound level, whether I’m sharing ideas at Sex Geek Summer Camp or at a workshop. Conservatory is amazing. The people, the skills, and Reid’s unique approach to finding each individual’s power center made a tremendous difference that will last the rest of my life.

Cathy of TheIntimacyDojo.com