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What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much for the class! I tried my new knowledge out on my partner and WOW. Just wow. He loved it. Then it was my turn and OHMAIGAD WOW. Thaaaaank you!

MishPen, Oakland CA

The Flying Squirrel was a surprise, and that it actually allowed me to enjoy light testicle stimulation. And the point that a woman trying usually makes me 😱 helped, trying it later with a partner helped her understand and helped me feel safer.


This course totally untangled me emotionally. THANK YOU! I learned men feel a failure as a man, if their sexual efforts don't result in their mate's orgasm -- and how "that's BS"! I have (up until this course) also felt tremendous pressure to climax during intercourse (I can, but it takes a certain level of comfort and good luck); and a failure if I couldn't deliver my authentic orgasm on his command or demand -- that's BS, too! It's impossible to control the WHEN. Orgasms are part of the autonomic nervous system; ie., I can't climax automatically just because my lover's sexual experience is now resulting in an orgasm - because it's his experience, not mine)! So, Houston! We have a problem! Learning how bad it made you feel that your partner didn't climax as a result of excellent blowjob efforts (because he NEVER climaxed during ANY blowjob) -- really healed me. I will probably rewatch this webinar several times. It totally straightened out my head, my emotions, and my expectations; and helped me understand from both sides of the equation now; so, I plan to communicate before anything happens, that if I am sexually enjoying myself, but do not climax with or at all -- that does not mean ANYTHING except I had a wonderful time, really enjoyed the experience, and would love to do it again :) Maybe next time it will happen? But I'll still enjoy his wonderful presence and prowess. THIS UNDERSTANDING IS PRICELESS. Thank you!!!!! Reid!

SF Grateful, California

Today I went to two workshops I NEVER would have thought to be attending. The first one was called 'poly curious.' And well, I'm not very poly... The second one was called 'bl#wjob gradschool'. And without sounding cocky (pun intended), I didn't really feel like I needed to attend that one. BUT — Life surprised me, as usual. I went to both. And I haven't learned as much as I did today in aaaaages! Reid Mihalko is definitely one of the most inspiring s#x educators I ever met (and I have met quite a lot of them). If you ever get the chance to go to one of his workshops, GO GO GO GO GO! And/or check out his website for free content if you also want to learn about flying squirrels, jealous octopuses, lonely wolves and dolphins. Apparently, they play a VERY important role in s#x and relationships. Who would have thought? 😉🥰

Serena M.

Reid gave two of the best workshops that I have every organized or attended at The Smitten Kitten. The content of both was detailed and nuanced without being overly dry or clinical and he easily integrated floor-stomping humor with serious information. The audience was engaged and eager to participate–they even enjoyed communicating with one another. The general feeling throughout the entire workshop was that of safety and respect; Reid had a clear awareness of how to create and maintain an inclusive space.

Clare Jacky, General Manager, The Smitten Kitten

Reid is the perfect 21st Century sex nerd: He’s sassy, savvy, and sexy–and he knows how to help you feel that way, too. Quit hesitating and take his [class/workshop/course] already!

Linda, Boulder, CO