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Spend the 6-weeks with internationally known sex and relationship geek, Reid Mihalko, upgrading your abilities in 3 key areas: Communication, Sex & Affection, and Relationship Aptitude. Why? So your loved ones will feel more open, more able to share and be themselves with you, and so they will associate YOU with the joy and delight they feel.

Deeper Connection

Increase your relationship & communication skills 10-fold over six weeks, and watch you and your loved ones experience deeper, more nourishing intimacy. 

Less To Fight About

Replace arguing and all the time lost doing it with the ability to have an actual conversation about what really matters. Develop the skills to interrupt a fight before it starts! 

Feel More Confident & Desired

With less to fight about and deeper connection, feel your self-confidence swell and reawaken your desire for each other... If you're single, take that sexy self-confidence into your dating life!

Instead of feeling bitter, hopeless, cranky, angry, resentful, shutdown, isolated, cold and alone when it comes to relationships… Whatever your “relationship status,” why not create more confidence, feel more loving and become more present in love and in life!

This program guides, inspires, teaches and supports you as you open up communication, reconnect, revitalize, recalibrate and renew your relationships and create new passion in the bedroom & beyond. These skills will allow you to bring the warmth, delight, magic and self-confidence back into your life.


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  • 24/7/365 Lifetime-Access to R10x for YOU across all your digital devices.
  • Plus one (1) R10x Buddy-Pass for a friend/lover/partner so you don't have to do R10x alone… You pick who your R10x Buddy is!
  • Five, quick and easy, 10-minute training videos per Module, one Module per  week for 6-Weeks (30-videos total).
  • Audio lessons and advice you can download and listen to anywhere! (Two MP3’s per week for 6-weeks)
  • Access to Reid's invite-only Facebook Group with regular FB check-ins by Reid answering your questions, giving advice and cheering you on!
  • Downloadable PDF transcripts to anchor the lessons and chart your gains!
  • Fun, exciting homework assignments that build toward experiential, weekend, date-night “field testing” of your newfound, black belt-level relationship skills and insights!
  • Reid’s 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee – Try R10x for a month with nothing to lose!
  • Your Signing Bonus: Upon registering, immediately dive into your Romance Quick-Start Guide and Audio Program!

After 30-Days of R10x’s fantastic training,
you get:

  • 2-hr Bonus Sexual Self-Confidence Video #1: Reid’s Energetic Sex For Pragmatist (Rated PG-13)
  • 2-hr Bonus Sexual Self-Confidence Video #2: Oral Sex Expertise Video with Reid Mihalko and Allison Moon (Rated-R)


6 Weeks (9 Modules Total) of Self-Confidence Boosting, Intimacy Enhancing Skills...

Let Reid use his humor and shame-free, unique perspective on what makes for healthy, self-expressed relationships to give you a quantum leap in your love life! 

Imagine, 6-Weeks from Now, Knowing How To...

  • Create safe space for your loved ones (and yourself); the kind of safety that allows each of you to rediscover your passions for each other...
  • Communicate in ways that leave you and your loved ones feeling seen, cherished, and heard... Allow you to stop arguments before they even begin... And create vulnerable connections that nourish and heal.
  • Manage and transmute your anger and resentments in healthy ways without having to swallow or ignore them! And how to hold space for your loved ones to do the same before things become a trainwreck... 
  • Create, communicate, and honor boundaries that leave your loved ones feeling deep respect and love for you (and have you respecting yourself rather than you beating yourself up!).  
  • Redefine jealousy as a "dashboard light" that tells you what your relationship is missing and how to fill up your relationship tanks!
  • Overcome the relationship fears you inherited from your parents while enjoying the abundance of the thriving, healthy, passionate relationships YOU DESERVE!
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"R10X has opened both my wife and my eyes to the realm of communication ninja training. Reid's simple yet effective techniques make it possible to not only "listen" to each other, but to also "hear" and "see" each other. This slight shift in perspective has made our marriage turn around and positively set us up for a lifetime of bliss."

A Thankful Husband
Ventura, CA

"Reid, I discovered your 10x lessons through my licensed psychotherapist. My husband is watching the videos with me. We laugh and learn together. Our 10x viewing time is a safe starting point to repair our marriage after years of neglect and abuse brought on by drug addiction. Your inclusive language is especially helpful as my husband faces sexual identity questions. OH, and the bonus videos addressing oral sex should be required viewing for all! The puppet is quite unique! -- warm regards."

Lynn R.
Janesville, WI

"Reid's Relationship10X work is captivating and promises to shift even the most stagnant relationships into overdrive. He offers small, digestible practices which are fun and life changing. I've attended a lot of similar workshops, and Reid is at the top of my list."

Patti Danner
Ventura, CA

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You deserve to have your loved one’s feel more loved, honored and cherished. Why? ‘Cause their feelings will radiate back to you and to those around you, creating a cocoon of warmth, safety and exuberant joy you only dreamt was possible! Transform your relationship skills by a factor of 10 so the people around you can’t help but feel safe and relaxed and connected, and YOU, you get to THRIVE!

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Comes with Reid's 30-Day
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