Being Rescheduled: TBA
Friday thru Sunday, March 25-27, 2022
Nine Mountain Retreat Center, Plainfield, MA

Are you MORE than the stereotypical masculine/feminine rhetoric you see everywhere?

Do you feel in your heart that polarity holds something MORE for you... Something that's awaiting you at the other end of the spectrum?

Do you have a DEEP desire to get freakier in the bedroom?
(and be celebrated for it!)

It’s unfair, the toll this pandemic has taken on our bodies and relationships, robbing us of our pleasures… 

And traditional ideas of what masculine "is", what "feminine "is", and what polarity "should" look like are robbing us from exploring new, exciting, deeply rich territories of giving and receiving that are ripe and rich with pleasure and self-growth!

Do you resonate with any of this? If so, know you are not alone!
Come play in a delicious, queer, adventurous field of love and self-discovery with Amanda and Reid!

Come and enjoy a weekend of queering polarity! Let's explore celebrating sensual pleasure in ways you may not have given yourself permission to unlock: The receptive masculine, the penetrative feminine, and the combinations between them!

Together we'll drop our sexual shame and fully honor these silly & sacred bodies we have been gifted! Learn how to let all aspects of yourself be expressed, seen, honored, celebrated & worshiped!!

This weekend-long event will be a unique, one-of-a-kind experience designed to support you in saying yes to more of your “taboo” desires!! 

You are not broken for wanting to play in differing energetic dynamics than what is being marketed as the “right way” right now. It is exhilarating and empowering for the feminine to embody her penetrative energy. It is healing and nourishing for the masculine to surrender, relax and receive his partner's power and love. We will be exploring the idea that to receive, to be penetrated, to surrender can be done in power too! Can actually be empowering! What if consciously exploring the other end of the spectrum expands our pleasure-ceiling and enhances our lives outside the bedroom as well?!!

Curious? Desiring a permission slip? Come and get it! ;)  It will be such a delight to explore these concepts with like-minded curious beings!

 We encourage you to explore your wildest fantasies! We dare you! Let’s feed our souls and delight in one another’s divine creative presence!


  • How the feminine can playfully, confidently step into penetrative energy and enhance or take control (with permission) of your partner's pleasure
  • How the masculine’s invitation to be penetrated can heighten the arousal for both partners, often unlocking passions and deep wells of trust that were previously hidden
  • How culture’s sex-negativity uses shame to keep us from exploring and playing more deeply with our bodies (and what you can do to take back your power and pleasure in fun and exciting ways!)
  • For the giver… How to gently, lovingly open your partners backdoor ;)
  • For the receiver… How to build the deep trust with your partner that will help you help them enter this new experience for the both of you
  • Hot, exciting ways to embody your receptive masculine and penetrative feminine without anyone having to be penetrated!
  • All the basics and know-how to play safely, slowly, and sensuously while meeting your partner where they are at in the moment
  • Fun, Creative Sex-Positions for Strap-On Play
  • How releasing cultural preconceptions of who gets to be penetrated and who gets to be the penetratee opens up new, empowering ways we can all connect


One of the reasons our Events and Courses are so popular is because we pay exceptional attention to the art of creating and holding sacred spaces where our attendees feel safe to explore their pleasure. We'll set clear intentions and agreements to create a weekend of open hearts, playful healing, brave curiosity, and juicy pleasure! In a safe and loved-up sacred space, we’ll explore new ways of perceiving our bodies, polarity energetics, and what sex can be. This will create an atmosphere for us to deeply explore ourselves and our desires in ways you may have been afraid to even imagine in the past.

We’ll open to:

Divine connection,

embodied orgasmic-ness,


playful, wild fun!

(It’s a full-spectrum experience!!)


Your sexy curious selves AND...

  • Sexy costumes you'd like to express and lounge in or just throw on your regular weekend clothes for relaxation
  • Nesting materials for our workshop sessions: Yoga mat, towel, sarongs, cozy blanket, pillows, sheets
  • Strap-on harness & dildo(s) -  Link to Reid's favorite recommendations HERE.
  • Butt plug(s)
  • Lube & gloves
  • Any safer sex accessories you desire for Saturday night's Pleasure Temple – dental dams, toys, condoms, etc. – whatever you might be needing to create that perfect evening!
  • A Playful attitude and an open heart and mind

(No drugs and alcohol, please. We like our attendees to be present and capable of authentic connection.)


  • Check into your room* Friday evening in time to join us for Friday night's group meal & evening class
  • Saturday classes begin after breakfast and continue throughout the day with meal breaks and free-time (to enjoy the hiking trails, hot tub, each other)
  • Saturday evening: The Pleasure Temple — Let's celebrate and explore our newfound skills in a sacred space of playful connection!

  •  Sunday, after breakfast, we wrap up our adventurous weekend with a closing circle, then a final lunch to send you on your way nourished and full!

*Rooms and Lodging: SINGLE BED, DORM STYLE ACCOMMODATIONS come included with your tuition. (Note: 4 Queen beds available for couples) Bed availability is first-registered, first-served, so grab your ticket ASAP to get first dibs! 😊

Meals Included with Tuition: 6 nutritious, cheffed meals from Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch.

Participation, Nudity, and Adult Content: This retreat will contain live, educational demonstrations of a sexually-explicit nature by the teachers. During the weekend there may be clothing optional exercises, but nudity will never be required. There will be time for attendees to explore and practice on themselves at whatever level of participation they feel most comfortable. It is also possible that attendees may choose to use such time to practice and explore with one another. As with all of our retreats, attendees are always at choice and we encourage attendees to participate as little or as much as they feel ready for. Whether during classes or Saturday night's Pleasure Temple, we encourage attendees to honor your yeses and nos, change your minds at any time, and know that voyeurism IS participation. Come learn, explore, and play as you see fit.

Our Retreat's Covid Protocols


  • Upon arrival, before you're admitted, we will need:
    • Proof of vaccination and booster (via photo, scan, or screenshot). 
    • Proof of a negative rapid test result within the last 24hrs  (via photo, scan, or screenshot) — We will also have rapid tests available at the event for purchase in case you need to take one upon arrival.
  • Anyone experiencing illness and symptoms agrees to stay at home and will receive a full refund minus $305 to help cover food and lodging costs that have already been paid.


  • Attendees are encouraged to get a PCR test within 72 hours of traveling to RMMPF Retreat — PRO-TIP: If you've recently gotten over Covid, a negative rapid test result 24 hours before traveling to the retreat will suffice since PCR tests may continue giving positive results long after you are no longer contagious.
  • Are hospitals in your community or your destination overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases? This can be useful to know. 
  • Attendees are recommended that they limit contact with those outside their households for 14 days before traveling to ensure arrival at the retreat free of Covid.
  • Attendees are recommended that they limit their contact upon returning home for 14 days after traveling.
  • Consider preparing for the possibility of you or someone else becoming sick during the retreat; before leaving for the retreat, establish plans for isolation, medical care, and travel home.


Amanda Ananda is an International Tantric Facilitator, a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator, and Domestic Goddess of two outrageous young boys. Amanda has a diverse Tantrica background that allows for a unique, blissful and radiant experience to unfold in her workshops, online courses and sessions. She has studied with The School of Tribal Tantra based on Kashmir Shaivism and Shamanic Ritual, Ipsalu Tantra – Kriya Yoga based on Osho’s dynamic teachings, and Babaji Nagaraj’s esoteric Cobra Breath Technique and Urban Tantra combining modern tantric philosophy with conscious kink. Amanda is a life-long student and immerses herself in the sacred teachings from the Temple of Isis and The Rose Lineage. She is currently diving deep into Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing and learning to incorporating scientific knowledge about our miraculous nervous systems with the ancient wisdom of Tantra. Amanda encourages everyone to make joyful well-being their first priority and to live blissfully in this intense world by gently taking care of self. Her techniques will help you become fully embodied with simple-yet-profound tools you can apply in your daily life.

Working with Amanda will assist you to clear what blocks you from your true light, guiding you in opening up to the miracle of life, and embracing the bubble of “Ananda” (or, in English, Bliss!) that is constantly accessible to us all. She is tremendously enthusiastic and humbled to share these teachings with the wonderful souls who say ‘HEAVEN’S YES’ to time spent with her.

You can follow her at Amanda Ananda on Facebook or @thetantricmama on Instagram. Go to for free meditations, online courses, private sessions and event schedule

Reid Mihalko of has been called America's Favorite Sex Geek, as well as the Tom Hanks of Sex Education. Reid helps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence, and greater health and accountability in their relationships and sex lives using an inspiring mixture of humor, personal stories, keen insight, and comprehensive sexual health information.

Reid’s workshops and college lectures have been taught all over the world and attended by over 50,000 people. He has appeared in media such as Netflix’ Chelsea Does... with Chelsea Handler, Oprah's Our America With Lisa Ling on OWN, the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Dr. Phil's The Doctors on CBS, Bravo's Miss Advised, Fox News, in Newsweek, Seventeen, GQ, The Washington Post, and in thirteen countries and at least seven languages

In early 2018, some very brave people came forward during #MeToo sharing harms that Reid had caused them. Reid stepped down from teaching and initiated a restorative justice-based accountability process to address his misconduct and make amends if and where possible. If your curious about learning more, this formal, year-long process along with Reid’s apology and further resources is shared publicly at

Reid is also founder of Sex Geek Summer Camp, Sex Geek Conservatory, and Sex Geek School for Gifted Sex Geeks, which help sex educators and sex-positive entrepreneurs learn valuable business skills that allow them to reach more people with greater ease, transform more lives, and make a better living as sexperts.

"Reid, Your courses have opened both my wife and my eyes to the realm of communication ninja training. Reid's simple yet effective techniques make it possible to not only "listen" to each other, but to also "hear" and "see" each other. This slight shift in perspective has made our marriage turn around and positively set us up for a lifetime of bliss."

A Thankful Husband
Ventura, CA

"Very loving space that felt safe and sacred to explore with my partner. It was a beautiful weekend. We found our 'YES' again! A Passionate Fiery YES! Thank you, Amanda! Thank you, Thank you!"

The McCarty's
East Coast, USA

"The way you presented information at the retreat, Reid, with such self-aware humor, acceptance, compassion, and relaxed positivity actually helped melt away some of my shame around sex. I mean, just your attitude and presentational style ALONE did that. Never mind all the logical reasons and techniques you gave for letting go of shame. I'm so thankful you are out there in the world doing what you're doing because to me, repression of sexuality, along with our cultural paradigm of competition and consumption, is what's eating humanity, and ultimately all life on earth."

Brooke Murphy

Yes, I Want To Unlock My Receptive Masculine & Penetrative Feminine!

Retreat Being Reschedule: TBA

Dates: March 25-27, 2022
Location: Nine Mountain Retreat Center, Plainfield, MA

Event details sent after registration!


Enjoy Reid & Amnda's 30-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee:

You have 30-Days to change your mind, no questions asked. Inside the 30-days before our retreat window, no refunds are provided as everything for the event has already been booked and payments, deposits, food orders, etc., have been made.

Our Covid Honor-Policy Refund Exception: 
In order to encourage a safer, healthier event, if you cannot attend the retreat last minute due to having Covid, please let us know and we will refund you your ticket amount minus $305 to help cover food/lodging costs that have already been paid for.


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