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Reid's Next Virtual Workshop:
Blowjob Grad School
Tuesday, April 21th, 5:30-7:30pm PACIFIC

You’ve learned the basics… Now it’s time to get your masters in the advanced tricks, and leave with your PhD in Fellatio! If you… Would like to take your current skills and craft to Jedi levels… Ask questions and get advanced-level tips and tricks…
Leave your loved ones stammering, “h-h-How did you do THAT?!”
Read Blowjob Grad School's
FULL workshop description HERE.

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Reid's Next Virtual Workshop:
Vitrual Sexy
Date Night Best Practices
Tuesday, May 26th, 5:30-7:30pm PACIFIC

After 9 weeks of Facetime'ing, Zoom'ing & Skype'ing lovers and potential lovers... Don't you think it's time to UP YOUR VIRTUAL SEXY-TIME GAME? Take your current skills and virtual sex-date know-how to Jedi levels… Ask questions and get advanced-level tips and approaches…
Leave your loved ones stammering into their smartphones and laptops, “h-h-How did you do THAT?!”
Read Virtual Sex Date Grad School's
FULL workshop description HERE.


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